21.26 at 140310 (Part 2)

The last but not the least, I’ve passed this day..not 2 bad. Everything’s ok but noone’s perfect right. Just give me one second 2 take breath. Hemmm….I’ll promise 2 tell U my day 4 2day but I can’t say a word. Wkwk…..I feel there were many angels around me. I can feel their breathing, their touching. Egoist but have tender heart??we e e…why not say idealist but have tender heart? (ih compelling). I like people jugde me a bad guy..:D. N U did well last night. Hahaha….Bcz of U I know another side of autumn leaves n that’s side make good  perception now in my life.


I hope U always have greatfull n blessing day. 2morrow will wait U with coolest smile U ever see ;). Don’t worry everything’s gonna be ok. U’re more than leaves who’s always standing next 2 the tree. U’re proper more than that dear. After all this time I know U feel tiring just like me. But U’re not alone cz I have the same feeling too…hihihi. This world always suprises us. U said U’re tough woman n that’s absolutely what n who U r…How biG U r 4 Ur dreams. Raise Ur head 2 face the beautiful sunshines.


I can say anything 2 U. U makes me smile n powerfull 2day with Ur words. Thank U 4 everything 2day…really biG surprised in my bloG. This is a very simple mind I give 2 U. U must be tired bcz of d**n waiting.he…nice sleep y…

bye autumn leaves. My 4ever beloved friend…


2 thoughts on “21.26 at 140310 (Part 2)

  1. θ says:

    like this what??
    issshhh pulang g ngajak2…
    emang sek ingat rumah-ku kamu?:p.
    nice holiday y…come back as soon as possible…not more!!!!!

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