A Friendship ^^

Friendship Never Die^^
U followed me annoyingly n took a deep breath
Trying 2 catch me, who’s leaving alone
I grabbed Ur shoulders tightly n loudly said,”we’re trough”
That the farewell poison has already without U knowing
Spread in my heart
The disease where my love is slowly dying
It hurts a little, but I don’t want 2 get better
Every single memory is erasing
Going back 2 the times when we were strangers
I want 2 rest now
Like having played with fire 4 a long time
N only ashes remain everything has burned
Like how eve the first feelings have become faint
Everything has become useless
Facing U n taking Ur hands
With a bitter smile, I said,”please be happy”
2 find a person who will soothe n embrace the scars that I’ve left U
Thought it hurts too much now some day, U might wipe Ur lips as a kiss triggers unpleasant memory
Trying 2 erase the warmth U felt when I held U in my arms
Cold tears will wash U 
  •  Rebbloged From Britney Fans ^^ Belloved Tetta, Dan gak nyangka she is Wrote For Meh~~ HAhha~

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